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Granulox Haemoglobin Spray, Endorsed by academics and practitioners
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Clinical Evidence

Scientific & Clinical Fact Sheet Granulox
Art. 001   Oxygen Transport through Hemoglobin Solutions – Scholander
Art. 002   The Molecular Mechanism of Hemoglobin-facilitated Oxygen Diffusion
Art. 003   Hypoxia prevents healing
Art. 004   Clin. Res. of the application of a hemoglobin spray to promote healing…
Art. 005   Translation of Einfluss von topischem Hämoglobin auf die Heilung von Patienten mit Ulcus cruris venosum, Der Hautarzt 2013


Economic effects Granulox  (casuistieken)
Health economic evaluation – The economic efficiency of Granulox 
Gesundheitsökonomie – Die ökonomische Effizienz von Granulox (origineel)


Case reports Granulox

Studies & Publicaties

NIEUW  EWMA Document Use of Oxygen Therapies in WoundHealing
Clinical and cost outcome Granulox Therapy 2017JoW
The clinical effectiveness of haemoglobin spray as adjunctive therapy in the treatment of chronic wounds 2017 JoWC
Expert consensus on practical aspects of wound therapy with hemoglobin spray Wund Management 2016 · 7

Zuurstoftekort bij complexe wonden Leitfaden 05 2016
Do our patients need more oxygen
Granulox Infizierte Wunden Anderung Kontraindikation 041115
Photoacoustic imaging of real-time oxygen changes in chronic
leg ulcers after topical application of a haemoglobin spray a pilot study
Wounds-UK_Topical haemoglobin – High potential for
improved outcomes .. Arenberger
Chronische Wunden Moderne Therapiemoglichkeiten
Wound management with compression therapy and topical hemoglobin
solution in a patient with Budd-Chiari Syndrome

Update wound care Focussing on Quality, Well-Being of Patients, and Costs –
Prof_ Dr Dr von Eiff 2013

EWMA- Effect of topical haemoglobin
Clinical Results of the application of a hemoglobin spray to promote healing of
chronic wounds

Einflussvon topische Hemoglobin auf die Heilung von Patienten mit Ulcus crurus
venosum, Der Hautarzt 2013

Engelse vertaling van voorgaande studie: Effect of topical haemoglobin
on healing in patients with venous leg ulcers, Der Hautarzt 2013

Hypoxia prevents healing
The Molecular Mechanism of Hemoglobin-facilitated Oxygen Diffusion –

Oxygen Transport through Hemoglobin Solutions – Scholander 1960 Science 131
Innovative wound care – New studies to increase evidence


2016 Poster Accelerate wound healing of acute and chronic wounds in patients
with Diabetes Experience from Mexico using supplementary haemoglobin spray

2016 Poster Post-surgical wound management of pilonidal cysts by using a
heamoglobin spray JWC

2016 Poster The use of a novel haemoglobin spray to promote healing in
chronic wounds whilst reducing treatment costs .pdf

2015 Poster Sharon Hunt Diabetic Foot
2015 Poster Sharon Hunt Sloughy wounds
2015 Poster Wakenshaw, Chronic Wounds
2015 Poster Whalley, Diabetic Foot complex wound
2015 Poster sikkelcelulcus  (EWMA 2015)