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Studies & Publicaties

2017  Wound Healing from Dermal Grafts Containing CD34+ Cells Is Comparable to Wound Healing with Split-Thickness Skin Micrografts – Nuutila (2017)
2016  Fast and Standardized Skin Grafting of Leg Wounds With a New Technique Report of 2 Cases and Review of Previous Methods – Hamnerius et al (2016)
2015  Pixel Grafting An Evolution of Mincing for Transplantation of Full-Thickness Wounds – Singh et al (2015b)
2015  Challenging the Conventional Therapy Emerging Skin Graft Techniques for Wound Healing – Singh et al (2015a)
2014  Fate of the Dermal Component of Micrografts in Full-ThicknessWounds – Singh et al (2014)
2014  A new Paradigm for effective Wond Healing – Winkler Today’s Wound Clinic, April 2014
2013  Moist dressing coverage supports proliferation and migration of transplanted skin micrografts in full-thickness porcine wounds – Hackl et al (2013)
2011   Epidermal Regeneration by Micrograft Transplantation with Immediate 100-Fold Expansion – Hackl et al (2011)
2011   Comparison of Healing Parameters in Porcine Full-Thickness Wounds Transplanted with Skin Micrografts, Split-Thickness Skin Grafts, and Cultured …. – Kiwanuka et al 2011
2010  Innovations in Caring for a Large Burn in the Iraq War Zone – Danks et al (2010)
2002 Pixel Grafting- An Evolution of Mincing for Transplantation of Full-Thickness Wounds – Svensjo et al (2002)