Aldanex-Nurse-2 HomeComprehensive system for the treatment and prevention of IAD, pressure ulcers* and other moisture leasions

Aldanex® Skin Protectant and Skin & Incontinent Cleanser

Highly (cost)effective silicone-based barrier cream and incontinent cleanser.
Safe and skin-friendly

The Aldanex system consists of Aldanex Skin & Incontinent Cleanser, a moisturizing skin cleansing agent, and Aldanex Skin Protectant, a protective cream.

Aldanex has been specifically developed for the daily care of incontinent patients and groups with similar problems, e.g. babies and infants. Aldanex offers an extremely cost-effective solution for the treatment and prevention of moisture related skin problems, such as Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD), diaper rash, intertrigo and pressure ulcers (* up to and including cat. 2).

The Aldanex cleanser and protectant can be used in conjunction, as a perfectly matched daily care system, but either product can also be used on its own. The Aldanex system contributes to skin hydration and helps maintain optimum moist conditions in both healthy and damaged skin.

Aldanex prevents
the development of IAD, moisture lesions, pressure ulcers and intertrigo

Aldanex protects
the irritated and/or broken skin by creating a barrier.

Aldanex promotes healing
by providing protection and an optimum moist healing environment.

Aldanex Skin Protectant is available in tubes of 85 and 115 grammes.
Aldanex Skin & Incontinent Ceanser is available in 237 ml. Spraybottle

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