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Art. 001  An extracellular matrix graft (Oasis®) for treating .. Etris_JoTV_2019
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Art. 003  Clinico Economics Outcomes ..  Romanelli Res_2016
Art. 004  The Management of diabetic foot ulcers..  Cazzell_Adv WoundCare_2015
Art. 005  Effectiveness of an Extracellular Matrix Graft OASIS ..  JOVS_2005


OASIS Casuisistiek BiologiQ    (Under constuction)
Casus Ulcus Cruris Venosum WCS 2010-1-06
Pressure Ulcers
Traumatic Ankle Injury

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Palmar Burn 1
Scald Burn
Palmar Burn 2
Chest Burn

Klinische Studies & Publicaties:

NIEUW: OASIS bij kankergerelateerde huidschade

Small Intestinal Submucosal Matrix as a Novel Reconstructive Option for Large Scrotal Defects_Somani AK
Small Intestinal Submucosa Matrix as a Novel Therapy for Wounds in Dystrophic_Somani AK
Skin cancer poster text _Somani AK


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> Efficacious and Cost-Effective Use of SIS Wound Matrix Oasis…


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Acute wonden

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Diabetische ulcera

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Veneuze ulcera

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Gemengde chronische ulcera

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Chronische vasculaire ulcera

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Gemengde wonden

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