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AdvaCyn / Microdacyn Casuisistieken   (3x)
Case Study Decubitus Ulcer

Case Study Plantar Diabetic
Case studie burn victim

Clinical Evidence AdvaCyn / Microcyn Technology


Clinical Fact Sheet

Art._ 001 Gonzalez – Fibroblast – Int Wound J – vol4 no3
Art.   002 Medina -mast cells – Int Immunopharmacology
Art._ 003 Biofilm presentation
Art.   004 Super Oxidized Solution Therapy for Infected Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Art._ 005 Goretti-Piaggesi – DFU – J Lower Ext Wounds
Art._ 006 Le Duc_cytotoxicity – Br J Derm

Factsheet bacteriereductie Microdacyn Wound Care 2012
Microdacyn Time Kill Final Report 050812-201

Studies & Publicaties


Mast Cells and Wound Healing WHS
NPWT –  Negative Pressure Wound Therapy with Instillation The current
State of the Art -Wolvos-WH- ST

NPWT –  Combined use of super-oxidised solution De Angelis – Cervelli
Study- Piaggesi A randomized Controlled Trial .. Efficacy Safety 2010
Combined use of super-oxidised solution De Angelis – Cervelli
Dermacyn (Microdacyn) Irrigation in Reducing Infection of a Median
Safety and Efficacy of Microcyn versus Oral Levofloxacin
versus Combined Therapy for Mild Diabetic Foot Infections

Clinical experience with a new, stable, super-oxidized water …  (Wounds)
Nonsurgical Management of Chronic Wounds in Patients With Diabetes –

Super-Oxidized Solution as Adjuvant Treatment in the (Osteomyelitis) Postope…
Charcot neuroarthropathy triggered and complicated by osteomyelitis How limb …
Dalla Paola – Diabetes Reviews – 2006_2

Super-oxidized solution inhibits IgE-antigen-induced …
Dermacyn study University of Pisa
Dermacyn® Wound Care is safe for healthy body tissue
Super Oxidized Solution (SOS) Therapy for Infected Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Microcyn a novel super oxidized water  (Journal of Hospital Infection 190405)
Super-oxidized water improves woundcare…  (Today’s practice May-June 06)
Super-oxidized water kills bacteria  (Dermatology Times 0605)
Sterilant for human wounds is changing patient’s lives  (ICT 0904)

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PST 01 – Allie D SWAC 0506a
PST 02 – Dalla Paola – Summary – Stuttgart Congress-DWC DFU
PST 03 – Gonzalez – Summary – Effect of SOS on human dermal
PST 04 – Goretti-Piagessi 5th Int Symp on DFU, Noordwijkerhout
PST 06 – Monaghan – Dermacyn Poster Noordwijkerhout 071

PST 07 – Peterson SAWC – 2007
PST 17 – Thatcher, E – anti bacterial efficacy of SOS – E20