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Alle op deze pagina vermelde studies en publicaties zijn gebaseerd op de Microcyn Technology van AdvaCyn.


Case Study Decubitus Ulcer
Case Study Plantar Diabetic
Case studie burn victim

Clinical Evidence AdvaCyn / Microcyn Technology

Clinical Fact Sheet AdvaCyn

Art. 001 Gonzalez – Fibroblast – Int Wound J – vol4 no3 – 2007
Art. 002 Medina -mast cells – Int Immunopharmacology – nr 7_2007
Art. 003 Biofilm presentation
Art. 004 Super Oxidized Solution Therapy for Infected Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Art. 005 Goretti-Piaggesi – DFU – J Lower Ext Wounds – Mar-2007
Art. 006 Le Duc_cytotoxicity – Br J Derm – 2007


Factsheet. Waarom AdvaCyn de krachtigste bacteriereducerende werking heeft
Factsheet – Bacteriereductie AdvaCyn Wound Care

AdvaCyn Time Kill Final Report 050812-201 (Microcyn Technology)

Studies & Publicaties


2019 Hajska_Cytotoxicty of burn wound dressings
2018 Kramer et al  Consensus in Wound Antisepsis SkinPharmacology

>   Overview literature documents
Mast Cells and Wound Healing WHS
NPWT –  Combined use of super-oxidised solution De Angelis – Cervelli
Study- Piaggesi Efficacy Safety 2010 (1)afety 2010
Combined use of super-oxidised solution De Angelis – Cervelli
Dermacyn (Microdacyn) Irrigation in Reducing Infection of a Median
Safety and Efficacy of Microcyn versus Oral Levofloxacin
versus Combined Therapy for Mild Diabetic Foot Infections

Clinical experience with a new, stable, super-oxidized water …  (Wounds)
Non surgical Management of Chronic Wounds in Patients With Diabetes –

Super-Oxidized Solution as Adjuvant Treatment in the (Osteomyelitis) Postope…
Charcot neuroarthropathy triggered and complicated by osteomyelitis How limb …
Dalla Paola – Diabetes Reviews – 2006_2
Super-oxidized solution inhibits IgE-antigen-induced …
Dermacyn study University of Pisa
Dermacyn® Wound Care is safe for healthy body tissue
Super Oxidized Solution (SOS) Therapy for Infected Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Microcyn a novel super oxidized water  (Journal of Hospital Infection 190405)
Super-oxidized water improves woundcare…  (Today’s practice May-June 06)
Super-oxidized water kills bacteria  (Dermatology Times 0605)
Sterilant for human wounds is changing patient’s lives  (ICT 0904)


PST 01 – Allie D SWAC 0506a
PST 02 – Dalla Paola – Summary – Stuttgart Congress-DWC DFU
PST 03 – Gonzalez – Summary – Effect of SOS on human dermal
PST 04 – Goretti-Piagessi 5th Int Symp on DFU, Noordwijkerhout
PST 06 – Monaghan – Dermacyn Poster Noordwijkerhout 071
PST 07 – Peterson SAWC – 2007
PST 17 – Thatcher, E – anti bacterial efficacy of SOS – E20